Fir tree life-giving properties of 7T 77   
Fountain of Life by John Flavel GC 253   
Frivolous life forsaken at conversion FE 459   
Future life See Life  
Gate, Gates heaven’s, closed to persons lacking in heavenly graces 5T 116    [21]
“God and the right,” as motto for Christians 6BC 1081   
Haphazard life man cannot live, and be true Christian 2SM 383   
History of the Life and Sufferings of J. Wiclif by John Lewis, quoted GC 85   
Holier life attainment of, requires more than a moment of time MH 452   
Holy City See New Jerusalem  
Holy life all books written cannot serve purpose of MH 442    [6]
Home life Abraham’s, lessons from PP 141-4    [67]
Idle life man is made prey by, to Satan’s temptations PP 156   
Imaginary life young woman who lived 3T 335   
Immortal life appreciation of, by the redeemed 1SM 289    [10]
Individual life duty to reveal Christ’s character in TM 438   
Individual right, Individual rights clinging to, at all hazards PP 132    [1]
Inefficient life persevering effort is only cure for CT 278;TM 183;   
Inner life See Life  
Intellectual life many constant students seem destitute of 3T 142