Joyous life true, Christ formed within brings SC 47   
Juniper tree Elijah under PK 162;3T 291;   
Leafing fig tree See Parable  
Legal right, Legal rights Paul and Silas contended for their AA 217-8   
Licentious life chosen by many people because it suits their natural and perverse inclination 5T 141    [1]
Life, Lives   [1801]
Life-and-death message SDA have 6T 61   
Life and Opinions of John de Wycliffe by R. Vaughan, quoted GC 86-7   
Life and Times of John Huss by Ezra H. Gillett, quoted GC 119   
Life and Times of Luther by Wm. Carlos Martyn, quoted GC 136, 143, 154, 165-7, 221, 238, 289, 292-6   
Life energies See Life force  
Life force, Life forces anxiety and care crush MH 115    [6]
Life-giver Christ as See Christ   [1]
Life-giving power all, is from God MH 113    [8]
Life-giving property, Life-giving properties bestowed by God on all that nature produces 1BC 1081;MM 8;    [1]
Life-giving virtue Christ’s word alone can impart DA 149   
Life history dark chapters of your, do not review 6T 367    [3]
Life insurance 1T 549-51    [5]
Life insurance papers eternal, things that will not give man his MM 123    [1]
Life insurance policy Christ’s, for man is eternal life 6BC 1070    [3]