Life of Christ See Christ   [1]
Life of Joseph Bates by Jas. White, as Christmas gift for youth AH 479   
Life of Luther by Barnas Sears, quoted GC 82   
Life of Napoleon by Walter Scott, quoted GC 269-71, 274-5   
Life of the Rev. Charles Wesley by John Whitehead, quoted GC 253, 255-6   
Life of William Miller by Jas. White, quoted GC 407   
Life practice Christ’s, must be your life practice 7BC 978   
Life record, Life records each person’s, viewed by all angelic host 2T 72    [6]
Life Sketches of Ellen G. White shows she did not believe soul is immortal 1SM 65 See also LS 48-50;1T 39-40;   
Life span (longevity) brief, at the longest MH 454    [28]
Married life beginning of, need of reconsecration to God at AH 103    [23]
May no rain in PP 615   
Missionary life prayer needed in 1SM 116   
Myrtle tree, Myrtle trees branches of, waved during Feast of Tabernacles DA 448    [2]
Mysterious life pervades all nature Ed 99   
National City, Calif. See Paradise Valley, Calif.  
National life evils in, teachings of God’s word would eliminate PK 192   
Natural life illustrations from, teaching spiritual truths by SC 67   
New York City LS 110;2SG 97;    [59]
Official life few people in, go to church MH 210    [1]