I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. (Revelation 22:13)
Advent, first EW 152-8;DA 43-9;    [77]
Adventists, first-day .   [13]
Alpha   [5]
Alpha and Omega   [4]
Beginning God knows end from AA 198;CH 375;GC 393;MH 230;3SG 113;SR 87;    [4]
Corinthians, First Epistle to AA 276, 298-322, 325, 327;5T 65, 684;1SM 67, 100;    [4]
End justifies means, world’s leading maxim is 5T 562    [1]
End approaching rapidly AA 219;5T 98-9;8T 89;9T 101;    [30]
End (objective) means for, must be employed to attain desired results 9T 221   
End of time / End of the world   [72]
First man who loved to be 3T 456    [1]
First, seeking to be   [4]
First aid in accidents. children and youth should be instructed in Ed 196    [5]
First angel’s message EW 232-7;GC 355-74;SR 356-63;    [115]
First and second angels’ messages   [1]
First-born Israel as God’s, among nations DA 51;PP 273;3SG 195;    [2]
First-born son, First-born sons Christ as See Christ   [11]
First commandment See Ten Commandments  
First day of week See Sunday  
First fruit, first fruits Andrew and John as, of Christ’s ministry DA 138    [49]