4T 298
(Testimonies for the Church Volume 4 298)
When we returned from Boulder City, I found a letter from Brother Haskell urging us both to attend the camp meeting; but if my husband could not come, he wished me to come if possible. I read the letter to my husband and waited to see what he would say. After a few moments’ silence, he said: “Ellen, you will have to attend the New England camp meeting.” The next day our trunks were packed. At two o’clock in the morning, favored with the light of the moon, we started for the cars, and at half past six we stepped on board the train. The journey was anything but pleasant; for the heat was intense, and I was much worn. (4T 298.1) MC
Eastern Meetings
Upon arriving at Battle Creek, we learned that an appointment had been made for me to speak Sunday evening in the mammoth tent pitched on the college grounds. The tent was filled to overflowing, and my heart was drawn out in earnest appeals to the people. (4T 298.2) MC
I tarried at home but a very short period, and then, accompanied by Sister Mary Smith Abbey and Brother Farnsworth, I was again on the wing, bound for the East. When we arrived at Boston, I was much exhausted. Brethren Wood and Haskell met us at the depot and accompanied us to Ballard Vale, the place of meeting. We were welcomed by our old friends with a heartiness that, for the time being, seemed to rest me. The weather was excessively warm, and the change from the bracing climate of Colorado to the oppressive heat of Massachusetts made the latter seem almost unendurable. I tried to speak to the people, notwithstanding my great weariness, and was strengthened to bear my testimony. The words seemed to go straight home to the heart. Much labor was required at this meeting. New churches had been raised up since our last camp meeting. Precious souls had accepted the truth, and these needed to be carried forward to a deeper and more thorough knowledge of practical godliness. The Lord gave me freedom in bearing my testimony. (4T 298.3) MC