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Proverbs 2:3
Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding; (Proverbs 2:3)
Book knowledge alone, complete education consists of more than Ed 265;FE 538;    [19]
Dragon voice of beast with lamblike horns GC 442   
Experimental knowledge See Knowledge  
Intellectual knowledge true, gospel is 6BC 1114   
Knowledge ability to rightly use, is necessary MH 450;ML 111;    [318]
Literary knowledge higher branches of, understand simple rules of grammar before attempting CT 219    [1]
Medical knowledge scientific, med. miss. work will not make SDA appear inferior in CT 476   
Murmuring voice thought of Christ’s sacrifice should hush MYP 108;3T 481;   
Musical voice Satan used, when tempting Eve SR 32-3   
Mystic voice, Mystic voices speaking at Ekron, mislead men by lying words Ev 608;5T 193;    [2]
Pen and voice   [2]
Reign of Christ on Earth, or The Voice of the Church in All Ages by Daniel T. Taylor, quoted GC 302-3   
Sanitary knowledge impart, to children by not permitting disorder CG 107   
Scientific knowledge advantages of antediluvians for acquiring, unrivaled PP 82    [10]
Self-knowledge advance daily in AH 95    [10]
Sex knowledge mother’s duty to instruct daughter re 2T 482   
Speculative knowledge dangers in MH 427-38;8T 290-304;   
Systematic knowledge of principles of revealed truth, SDA need 5T 273   
Technical knowledge not most important object in education Ed 234    [1]
Theoretical knowledge alone, will do men no good DA 389    [3]