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Proverbs 2:2
So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding; (Proverbs 2:2)
Cheerful heart Christian father who will have 2SM 438    [1]
Covetous heart will be tested 2SG 237   
Desponding heart struggle experienced by 2T 274   
Ear, Ears be faithful sentinel over your 2T 561    [17]
Erring heart unwilling to. be criticized FE 239    [1]
Happiest heart has Christ as abiding guest ML 157   
Heart, Hearts   [878]
Heart action baby’s tight bands or waists hinder 2SM 466    [11]
Heart anguish other people’s, we little know of 5T 55   
Heart disease baby’s, poisonous drugs cause 2SM 468    [7]
Heart failure effects of DA 417   
Heart-holiness men may have, through Christ 1SM 262   
Heart-keeping diligent, essential to healthy growth in grace 3BC 1157;SD 99;   
Heart imaginings that are not pure and holy 5T 595   
Heart-longing Christ can satisfy, of all who come to Him SC 46-7   
Heart service idolatry and, God distinguishes between SD 57   
Heart trouble See Heart disease  
Humble wisdom need of more, and less of self in God’s work 9T 148   
Leaden ear, Leaden ears truths of God spoken to 5T 318   
“Looking unto Jesus,” as motto for Christians 7T 94