A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. (Proverbs 25:11)
Apples of gold in pictures of silver 4T 310;7T 117;   
Apples of Sodom promises like COL 232-3;Ed 115;   
“Better Than Gold,” poem by Abraham F. Ryan, quoted MH 362   
Chaste word, Chaste words Christian must use, in conversation 2T 304   
Cheerful word, Cheerful words beneficial like medicine 2SM 430    [4]
Cheering word, Cheering words gospel workers need our EW 106   
Cheery word, Cheery words cost no more than unpleasant ones CG 147   
Despondent word do not utter WM 90   
Discouraging word, Discouraging words can rouse and strengthen selfishness in soul 6T 455    [1]
Flattering word, Flattering words Korah and associates used, to stir up rebellion PP 401-2    [1]
Fretful word, Fretful words child caused by, to cry much AH 436    [1]
Frivolous word, Frivolous words spiritual strength lost by speaking 9T 133   
Gold antediluvian, abundant in Noah’s time PP 90;3SG 61;    [135]
Gold watch See Watch  
Harsh word, Harsh words ask God to help you not to speak AH 342-3    [22]
Hasty word, Hasty words battle to overcome use of AH 443    [4]
Impatient word, Impatient words are costly offering to his satanic majesty 1T 310    [8]
Insulting word, Insulting words respond to, by gentle answers 5T 344   
Kind word, Kind words as cup of cold water to thirsty soul ML 165;7T 50;    [9]